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Welcome to Brilliant Beginnings Academy

At Brilliant Beginnings Academy we believe that every child is unique, with different learning styles, interests and special strengths. Brilliant Beginnings Academy strives to provide children with an environment suited for further growth and development of one's creativity, curiosity, confidence and love of learning while bringing the comforts of your home to ours. Our curriculum is founded on the basis that children learn essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills, that will follow into adulthood when they have the opportunity to learn through both organized and unstructured play! Our rooms are divided into centers which include, but are not limited to, language arts, blocks art, puzzles, library, science & sensory, fine, gross motor, and Spanish. Each day is filled with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities so each child can express him or herself through different mediums. Our classes will be busy and noisy at times, because we believe talking and socializing is essential to children's development. Our "hands-on" approach allows children to learn and explore at their own pace. 


Both of my children love the school and the teachers. The children are always so well mannered. The staff is always so accommodating which makes my life so much easier. I would recommend Brilliant Beginnings to anyone.

I am really impressed with how much Ava has learned since she started at Brilliant Beginnings Academy. Before she started, she was behind with her colors and shapes. I thought she might be colorblind with how much trouble she was having with them. Now she surprises me with knowing her colors, shapes, numbers, and speaking fluently. In the past few weeks, she has been able to understand the meaning of yesterday and tomorrow. She is much more alert with conversation and carrying on full sentences. When walking in unannounced, I have found teachers individualizing with her to make sure she understands the material given in class. She is more social with the students in class and more apt to talk with children of her own age. Today, I noticed she was the leader when taking the class outside to play. Thank you for providing Ava with a brilliant beginning!

We have experienced several daycares over the years with our three children, and by far Brilliant Beginnings Academy is the best. We couldn't be happier!

My son is currently enrolled at Brilliant Beginnings Academy and I would like to express what an excellent experience we are having. The staff members consistently prove that my son's well-being is their top priority. Whether it's ensuring that he has the necessary supplies or providing him with a peaceful sleeping environment when he has trouble napping, I can count on Brilliant Beginnings to provide quality care. The center provides a clean, fun, and spacious environment in which my son can learn and explore. As a working parent, I value the peace of mind that I have when I drop him off for the day. I am glad I have found such a caring, energetic, and knowledgeable staff that will "go the extra mile" for my son's happiness!

My husband and I have been searching for the best place for our son. My work schedule changed and we had to leave our first babysitter. We were crushed. We didn't think we could find what we wanted for our son on our budget. Then, we found Brilliant Beginnings. We were so excited when we were told there were openings and the tuition is affordable! We visited and instantly loved how the rooms were set up and how friendly everyone was. Most of all, our son loved his teachers and played while we walked around. To this day, we are so grateful for Brilliant Beginnings Academy and the staff. Our son loves going to "school" everyday and we know he is getting the best care!

My family and I moved here out of state and one of the main stressors for my husband and I was finding a daycare for my two children 2 and 5. They had already been through so much change and I was afraid of the big transition. At Brilliant Beginnings Academy, I was greeted by such a friendly staff who gave me a tour of a childcare facility that I thought was almost too good to be true. The classrooms are bright, colorful, and stimulating; there's a library, 2 gymnasiums, a creative movement room, and a playground that the children LOVE! My children adapted so easily and I cannot begin to express how happy it makes me when my two-year-old son (who doesn't like to be separated from mommy) runs to my car in the morning begging to go to "school." I feel very blessed to have stumbled upon an ad for Brilliant Beginnings Academy. I only have positive things to say!

When my husband and I walked into Brilliant Beginnings we instantly felt welcomed. As we toured the building our son stayed with a teacher he had never met before and he was happy, laughing, and playing right away. As a new parent this makes me feel so at ease. My husband and I were blown away at the set up of the rooms, the curriculum, the activities, the cleanliness of each room, and the gyms. Most importantly we were taken with how the staff welcomed us all. Every day I feel confident that my son is happy. The teachers communicate with me daily and truly care about each student. We love Brilliant Beginnings!