What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Many of our teachers hold 2- or 4-year degrees in early childhood related fields. Almost all of our teachers have prior teaching experience.

100% of our teachers are certified in Infant & Child First Aid and CPR.

100% of our teachers are certified in Safe Sleep Training.

Does your facility have experience with food and/or environmental allergies?

We are a peanut, nut, and pork free school. We have experience with a wide array of allergies ranging from minor to life threatening allergies. We work with our families to come up with a plan of action that will work best for the child and our school.

100% of our teachers are trained with using an EPI Pen.

What do the children do when they cannot go outside due to rain, heat, or cold weather?

We follow children’s health guidelines in regards to temperature, however being that we are in St. Louis we often experience lots of hot and humid days in the summer, frigid days in the winter, and rainy days in-between! During times where our children are not able to go outside they’re able to run around and play in one of our bonus rooms. These rooms include:

Gymnasium - filled with soft climbers and riding toys for toddlers, and trucks, balls, a balance beam, large building materials, and more for preschoolers!

Library- a forest oasis filled with a variety of books and fun fine-motor activities!

I'm worried about my child leaving the facility on field trips, do you take a lot of field trips?

For the safety of all of our children we do not leave our facility to attend field trips. However, we bring a variety of activities into the school! Including, but not limited to Kona Ice, the Bubble Bus, the Science Center, the Magic House, the St. Louis County Library, and much more!

What items does my infant need to attend?

For an infant (birth through 12 months) we ask that our families bring in:

  • Bottles: we need 1 bottle per feeding, that will be rinsed out and sent home to be washed
    • Formula: many of our families will bring in a large container and we will let you know when your child is running low.
    • Breastmilk: we need one bottle per feeding (in the bottle ready to go). Every infant classroom has a refrigerator for bottles and baby food (if homemade). Breastfeeding and returning to work can be a challenge; we’re here to help make the experience go as smoothly as possible! We have a deep freezer at our facility where you’re welcome to keep an extra bag or two of breastmilk as an emergency backup for your infant. If you would like to do so, please label it with your child’s first and last name, along with the date it was expressed.
  • Diapers (we accept both disposable and cloth diapers, for cloth diapers we also need a wet bag)
  • Extra clothing
  • Swaddle/Sleep Sack (optional)
  • A pacifier (optional- we cannot use a pacifier if there is an animal/lovie attached to it for sleeping)
  • Diaper Cream (optional)
  • Lotion (optional)
  • Nasal Aspirator (optional- we can only use bulb syringes.)

Once your child starts transitioning to sippy cups, we ask that you bring in 3 sippy cups per day.

What items does Brilliant Beginnings Academy provide?
  • Baby Wipes
  • Crib sheets
  • Bibs
  • Burp Cloths
  • Wash Cloths
  • Cot Sheet (once your child turns one, Brilliant Beginnings Academy will send home a cot sheet for your child to use at school. This is a standard crib sheet size. This is to be washed at the end of your child’s week and return to school the following week with a small blanket for your child to use during nap.)
  • Two healthy snacks and one nutritious lunch
What curriculum do you follow?

Our teaching philosophy is constructivist based. The children construct knowledge from hands on activities and experiences planned out by our teachers. The children’s questions and curiosity guide the direction that the lessons take. Our highly qualified teacher’s use our theme based, spiral curriculum, along with the children’s developmental checklists, and the individual assessments of the children in their classroom to create engaging, fun, and creative lessons. Our themes change weekly and are repeated each year. While the theme may be “Winter” our infant rooms may be focusing their lessons on snow, our three-year-old classroom may be focusing on arctic animals, and our pre-kindergarten classrooms are comparing and contrasting the different seasons throughout the year. As our children grow and show development of deeper interests the theme does as well.