January Lunch Menu January Snack Menu

Brilliant Beginnings Academy believes that nutrition and healthy eating habits should start at a young age.

That is why we provide our children with:

  • A well balanced lunch consisting of a main course, fruit, vegetable, and milk
  • 2 nutritious snacks consisting of fruit, vegetables, yogurt, etc. and either milk or water

All fruits and vegetables served throughout the day are fresh or frozen, never canned! We never serve anything fried or breaded, nor do we serve cake, cookies, or anything similar. Our morning snacks typically consist of: fresh fruit, cereal, cereal bars, or yogurt. Our afternoon snacks typically consist of: fresh fruits and veggies, cheese and crackers, sandwiches on whole grain bread, whole grain crackers, and similar items.

Due to an increasing number of children with nut allergies, Brilliant Beginnings Academy has chosen to serve no foods containing Peanuts or Tree Nuts. While none of our lunches or snacks have nuts in them, some ingredients used may have encountered nuts while at the processing plant. If your child has severe nut allergies, please let us know so we can work to provide your child with safe meals. Our wonderful catering company is also able to provide us with vegetarian meal options and alternates for other common allergens like egg and dairy.