Our pre-kindergarten classrooms are your child’s final building blocks before Kindergarten! Our pre-kindergarten teachers develop weekly themed lessons that incorporate different ways to look at the world around them. Our curriculum closely follows that of both Rockwood School Disctric and Parkway School District to ensure that our graduates are at or above the Kindergarten entry level.

As the children advance through our pre-kindergarten program they will begin acquiring skills including, but not limited to: capital and lower case recognition, letter sounds, beginnings sounds, ending sounds, rhyming words, proper letter formation, sight words, word wall, pre-reading, beginning reading, and basic reading skills. In addition to incorporating letters and words into the children’s play and daily activities, pre-kindergarten children will learn number recognition, along with more advanced concepts in math and science (basic addition, basic subtraction, time, money, etc.), and how to compare items in regards to more than, less than, and equal to along with understand weight and length.

As children begin to recognize the written world around them, their confidence grows and blossoms, which further develops their love and desire to learn and discover more about the large world around them.

In addition to the standard curriculum taught throughout the day, our children are also leaning valuable social skills that will be key as they continue to grow and flourish throughout the years. Our children are learning about the give and take that comes with working in a team, while building their confidence to solve problems both independently as well as working with others to come up with a solution.