As children grow they become more confident and curious! Our two preschool classrooms offer a variety of centers for your two and three-year-old child to grow, socialize, learn, and develop throughout the day.

Beginning in our two-year-old preschool classroom, our highly educated teachers begin assessing the children on their knowledge of colors, letters, numbers, and shapes. They use these assessments to prepare weekly themed lessons that are specifically tailored for the children in their classroom. This exposure builds on what children learned in our infant and toddler classrooms, and prepares children for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and a lifelong love of learning.

Children will learn to write their name, recognize capital letters, numbers, basic colors, and basic shapes. Teachers will also begin to introduce concepts such as: identifying emotions, opposites, basic math skills (more and less), and basic directional skills (over/under, etc.).

At this age, children are learning their role in society, and will begin to learn the give and take of sharing and interacting with other children. In our preschool classrooms children will have the opportunity to participate in Music, Art, Gym, Creative Movement, Computers, Spanish, Science, Sensory, Math, Writing, Fine Motor, and Large Motor.

We also bring several activities into the school, while they vary from semester to semester, families have the opportunity to enroll their child in a variety of extracurricular activities including, but not limited to: HiNRG Gymnastics, Soccer Shots Soccer, Sports, Dance, and Computers!