When you walk into our toddler classrooms, you will feel right at home! Our classrooms have soft, soothing surroundings, warm and loving teachers, and many developmentally appropriate activities to keep your young one engaged.

Our toddler teachers provide a warm and secure environment for toddler and toddlers to grow, learn, explore, and develop at their own pace. Our toddlers develop a curiosity for learning and exploring through our engaging developmentally appropriate activities! Our toddlers have the opportunity not only to explore their classrooms, once they are mobile, they are able to explore our Infant/Toddler Gym, Library, Music/Movement Classroom, and playground!

Music is very important and soothing at this age, throughout the day a variety of different music will be played (calming music during nap time, and familiar tunes they begin to recognize during playtime). Toddlerhood is a big time for transitions! Our highly educated and experienced toddler teachers are working with our families to help our children transition from bottles to sippy cups, cribs to cots, two naps per day to one nap, and then when they’re ready from sippy cups to big kid cups!

While toddlers are working on their language skills, our teachers are still incorporating Baby Sign Language into the classroom on a daily basis. This allows the teachers and children (along with parents and children) the ability to communicate basic needs throughout the day!

Our toddler curriculum was developed to foster each child’s mental, physical, and developmental growth! Toddlers will have the opportunity to participate in music, movement, art, science, sensory, fine motor, and gross motor activities. In addition, they will have the opportunity to crawl, explore, and tumble in our infant and toddler gymnasium, and outdoor playground designed specifically with the safety of your infant and toddler kept in mind!